Comment Letters

The Wolfsberg Group statement on Demonstrating Effectiveness, June 2021

 The Wolfsberg Group statement on Developing an Effective AML/CTF Programme, August 2020


The Wolfsberg Group statement on "Effectiveness" 2019

The Wolfsberg Group has issued its statement on "Effectiveness" as it relates to AML/CTF programmes, December 2019. 


The Wolfsberg Group Comment Letter on FATF Standards Review January 2011

9 Industry Groups issue Joint Statement on the Upcoming SWIFT Message Format Change, May 20th, 2009

'The Bankers Association for Finance and Trade, The Clearing House, The European Banking Federation, The International Banking Federation, The International Chamber of Commerce, The International Council of Securities Associations, The International Financial Services Association, SWIFT and The Wolfsberg Group are issuing this joint statement and associated presentation in order to raise awareness regarding the new SWIFT Message Format for Cover Payments, which will go live on November 21st, 2009. This joint communication was developed as the organizations involved have been active in the area of cover payments for some time now and are therefore seeking, collectively, to apprise others in the industry, and beyond, of the forthcoming changes to the payments system and its implications, which may be substantial.'

 Joint Industry Letter on MT 202 COV

 Joint Industry Slides on MT 202 COV


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