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Wolfsberg Frequently Asked Questions

The Wolfsberg FAQ's cover questions raised in regard to specific topics which are part of the AML Principles or related Statements issued by the Wolfsberg Group.

PDFWolfsberg Risk Assessment FAQ

PDFWolfsberg CB FAQs 2014
For avoidance of confusion, the original Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking FAQ’s, issued in 2006, have been removed from this site.
PDFWolfsberg FAQ's on Beneficial Ownership, May 2012

PDFWolfsberg FAQ's on Intermediaries, May 2012

PDFWolfsberg-Clearing House Covers Q&A August 2009

The Wolfsberg Group PEP FAQs - May 2008, have been removed and replaced with The Wolfsberg Guidance on PEPs - May 2017. This can be accessed on the Wolfsberg Standards webpage

The Wolfsberg IBCB FAQs are currently under review and have temporarily been removed from the website