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International Due Diligence Repository

The Wolfsberg Group began collaborating with Bankers Almanac, part of BankersAccuity, in the summer of 2004. The Due Diligence Repository was subsequently developed to support a risk-based approach to AML, accessed by financial institutions worldwide to assist with their counterparty on-boarding and review process.

Find out more here: http://www.bankersaccuity.com/compliance/kyc-onboarding-review/

What is the Wolfsberg International Registry?

In the Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking Principles dated 2002, the Wolfsberg Group encouraged the development of an international registry for financial institutions. Upon registering, financial institutions would submit information useful for conducting due diligence as outlined in the Principles. Financial institutions would use this information in due diligence. Bankers Almanac, part of BankersAccuity, launched the Due Diligence Repository in 2004 as a separate module to its Bankersalmanac.com service.

What is the Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire?

The Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire has been designed to provide an overview of a financial institution's anti-money laundering policies and practices. There are no correct or incorrect responses. The Questionnaire requires an explanation when a "No" response is chosen (this does not imply that a "No" response is incorrect) and allows for an explanation when a "Yes" response is chosen.

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